Artist Bios:

Alexis Elza  - lives and works in Woodland Park, Colorado. She has combined her skills in historic restoration and the visual arts for more than twenty-five years. Alexis studied at the School of the Worcester Art Museum and Clark University in Worcester, Massachusetts. After completing her studies she pursued a career in preservation and conservation of historic architecture in New England, all while continuing her work as a studio artist. Alexis was part of a team of specialists that worked to restore historic sites, including but not limited to, the Senate President’s Office in the Massachusetts State House, Boston; Chateau Sur-Mer, Newport, Rhode Island; and Vizcaya Museum and Gardens, Miami, Florida. Alexis has
also exhibited in many group and solo shows in New England and Colorado.

Carol Dickerson -  Colorado Springs artist Carol Dickerson left a career as an academic librarian to devote herself full time to painting in 2012.  She has studied with a number of local artists, including Chris Alvarez, Lance Green, and Karen Khoury, and participated in workshops by New Mexico artists Gwen Fox and Virginia Cobb.

Long intrigued by both abstract art and fine craft, Carol’s goal is to create images that are beautiful or compelling objects in themselves without reference to real objects.   In her current work of acrylic on paper, Carol creates layered images of opaque and transparent color, pushing a limited color palette within each piece. She may use brushes, rollers, brayers, fingers, and stencils in developing the layers.  The image that emerges is often a surprise.

Carol Mordecai Myers - 

Carol Mordecai Myers is a painter who lives and works in Colorado Springs, Colorado.  Originally from New England she received her MFA from the Art Institute of Boston at Lesley University.  She has taught painting, drawing, color theory and design at the college level.   Her work has been exhibited in many locations including the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs, Pikes Peak Community College, The Art Institute of New Hampshire, The Art Institute of Pittsburg and Lesley University. 
She begins from observation of, and immersion in, the natural world.  She works in layers, building up and then scraping, scratching, sanding and washing back to reveal glimpses of previous layers. Similar to the way the natural process of erosion exposes underlying layers of earth, or to the way archeology exposes previous layers of human habitation, this "erosion" of the medium brings a sense of discovery to my creative process; there emerges a dialogue between intention and happenstance.  From those strata, Myers builds a geometry of light and texture which, juxtaposed with natural elements is meant to evoke a sense of human interaction with the land.
James Van Hoy - living in the southwest United States, I have focused my photographic energies on capturing the amazing scenery here. Landscapes and Macro photography are my main interests, color and monochrome. And, I will add to that textures and abstracts generated from the original photos.


Jean-Marc Richel is an artist from France who has been living and exhibiting his work in the US since 1997. The gallery owner of Studio 17 (Santa Fe, New Mexico) and Mandragora (St. Antonin Noble Val, France), he has contributed to the international art scene through numerous solo and group exhibitions, art walks, publications, multi-media videos, and ‘Simultaneity’ performances in French and English. He has worked with conceptual artist, Jean-Luc Vilmouth, and also assisted sculptor, Peter Flanary. Jean-Marc’s artwork is in private collections in France, Holland, Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan, Singapore, UK and USA. He has moved recently to Santa Fe, where he maintains his studio.

Jess Preble - has spent time studying art in San Francisco, Austin and Colorado. Although working primarily in oil paint, her artistic experience ranges across all mediums of creation; and also includes an expansive background in curation and teaching. She now resides in Colorado Springs.

Karen Khoury - On a formal level my work deals with the inherent qualities and properties of how paint can present itself in both the two dimensional and three dimensional form.

My process starts by pouring paint onto a plastic tarp on the floor. I let it dry and then manipulate the paint by stacking, cutting, folding or tearing it. This process of manipulation is essential as it adds intimacy to my work. Each piece of paint is touched, carefully considered and placed onto the surface. My paintings are generally quite small. As I paint, I often hold the painting in my hands or sit it on my lap to work.

The paint I use is everyday paint. I use both house paint and craft paint. I began using this type of paint for its relative affordability and availability compared to paint specifically made for fine artists.

As I work, I often think of women and their traditional domestic roles as caregivers, homemakers and the makers of craft.

Lisa Fabiano - began painting in 1996.  She is an abstract artist primarily focused on oil painting.  Her unique creative style emerged over time after attending some local art classes, continuous independent study, and ardent practice and exploration.  Lisa works from her small studio/gallery at Cottonwood Center for the Arts and from a second studio near the Red Rock Canyon in Colorado Springs. 

Lupita Carrasco  - Lupita Carrasco is a mother of six, caregiver to a mentally ill parent, and an artist living and creating in Colorado Springs.
Her tumultuous childhood and vibrant Mexican culture, lend their voice to her individual artistic language. Lupita works primarily in oil, processing her emotions and human experience through exploration of the figure, landscapes, and skyscapes. Her paintings frequently feature family, friends, and immediate surroundings. She has exhibited in the Pikes Peak region since 2005.

Michael Dowling - was born in Denver in 1972 and grew up in Colorado.  He began drawing at a very young age but didn’t begin to study formally until the age of 24.  After several years of study in studio practices, Michael sold the business he owned and moved to Florence Italy to focus on making art and expanding his skill.  He completed his studies at Il Instituto de Art, Scuola Lorenzo de Medici in 2002 with focuses in studio practice and contemporary theory. While in Florence, Michael studied under the duo Rosenclaire (Rose Shakinovski & Claire Gavronsky) who continue to be his mentors and advisors.

Michael shows nationally and is represented in Colorado, California, Miami, New York, and Montreal.  His work is in numerous private and public collections throughout the US and Europe.

Michelle McMahan - grew up in two cultures—Brazil and the U.S. The mixture of the two creates in her a third culture. Her cross-cultural vision and sensitivity generates artistic expressions that are unique and yet universally appealing.

Michelle’s artistic interests emerged early in life. Her parents filled every home they had with great art and music. She studied dentistry in Brazil and then worked as a dentist in the U.S. But throughout her life, art and beauty have been the air she breathes. The meticulous style of her work reflects a passion for miniscule elements of the natural world. Most people overlook these details, but Michelle brings them to life.

Her work with reclaimed wood and metals developed first in Brazil. There she found amazing beauty in the abandoned Peroba wood that had been used in the 1930s to build homes for coffee growers in northern Paraná, a state in southern Brazil. Today she is also incorporating exotic woods from around the world, which add an amazing array of colors and textures to her abstract work. Restoring beauty and design to wood once left to rot is an expression of her ability to see beauty and value in every person.

Her work has been displayed in galleries, homes, and architects‘ offices in Colorado and Brazil. In 2014, her wood assemblage titled "Paradox" won the Best of Show award in The Abstract Show at Cottonwood Center for the Arts (Colorado Springs). Her work, including handmade furniture, has appeared in nationally distributed Brazilian design magazines and books. Michelle’s work was first displayed at the Architecture and Engineering Club of Londrina, Paraná in 2010.

Pam Holnback - Art and creativity have been Pam’s passions since childhood. Born in Chicago, and raised in Illinois and New Jersey, she began art lessons while in kindergarten. She was fortunate to have grown up in a home where creativity was part of the every day life. Her love of art continued and ultimately led to a college major in Art Education.

Pam has been juried into many local, state and national exhibitions.  She is a member of Plein Air Artists of Colorado, The American Impressionist Society, Women Artists of the West and Garden Artists Plein Air Group.  Pam has studied with Lorenzo Chavez, Skip Whitcomb, Kathy Anderson, Jill Carver, Peggi Kroll-Roberts, Michael Klein, Natalie Italiano, Carol Marine, Studio Incamminati, Martha Mans and Nelson Shanks.

Rich Wojdula - Rich Wojdula’s career as an artist spans several decades. Classically trained in drawing and painting, he also later became an accomplished functional and non-functional ceramic artist while still pursuing his 2-D artwork. In the late 1980’s through the late 1990’s, he created artworks with moving gears. Thesemetaphorical 3-D “boxes” and cabinets were based on old movies, irreverent
depictions of art, current issues, political and non-political, literally “took off” under theauspices of the Brigitta Schluger Gallery in Denver, Colorado. Television coverage, featured newspaper articles and other gallery shows followed over the years.

Rich continues to paint full-time, He sites such artists as Gerhard Richter, Mark
Rothko, Richard Diebenkorn, and the abstract expressionists as influences in his
artistic life and development as a painter. Rich Wojdula’s works are in collections throughout the United States and Canada. He has also been represented in galleries in Santa Fe, N.M., California, Denver, Boulder and
Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Rita Salazar Dickerson - The opportunity to express herself creatively came as soon as she could hold a pencil. The middle of seven children, she was born and raised in Grand Junction with her father, Joseph Salazar, as her first art teacher. Rita’s achievements as a young artist led to her first commissioned portrait while still in high school. Her professional career began as the in-house artist for a large savings and loan, creating pen and ink illustrations for their weekly newspaper ads but her desire to create fine art never left her. She began painting in earnest in 1997 and has been doing commissioned work ever since. Rita’s oil paintings entertain the viewer with her attention to detail, light and focus on beauty.

Her formal art training began at Colorado State University, and more recently she has studied under Master Painters, David Leffel and Rose Frantzen. She has completed over 250 commissions. Her work is in private and corporate collections throughout the US as well as in Europe. Rita lives in Colorado Springs and works in her studio at home. She is a Copyist at the National Gallery of Art, Washington D.C. and a member of the Portrait Society of America.

Steve Weed - Colorado Springs artist Steve Weed was raised under the dramatic skies of Oklahoma City, San Antonio, and the New Mexico mountains, and was influenced by their visual impact. By the age of 13 he knew he wanted to make his mark in life as an image maker; to permanently create and capture the unique beauty of any given moment in time. His dedication and skills were rewarded as a student when he won Young Talent in Oklahoma, then headed to Texas, learning his B.F.A. in painting from The University of Texas at San Antonio.

A well respected artist, Steve’s subject matter and medium is not limited to any
one genre or theme. A master in oils, watercolor and charcoal, Steve’s clientele list is comprised of art collectors from around the world. His distinct brush style and impeccable color palette capture the essence of aesthetic beauty in any given moment, regardless of subject matter. Beauty is the universal language and Steve’s work communicates images and memories that relate easily with the experiences and emotion of the viewer.

Suz Stovall - passionately explores color through vibrating color fields and thin, spontaneous line. Stovall's abstract works invite the viewer to look deeply and enjoy the visual feast of color."

"My current work is spontaneous and joyful, exploring color, composition and design." Suz Stovall moved to the mountains in Utah in 2003 with intentions of retirement as a gallery owner.  After over 10 years she closed her “top 100” gallery Urban Artifacts in Houston, Texas.. She now resides in Colorado and spends everyday in her studio painting. Suz is a university-trained artist, having studied graphics and painting at the University of Memphis. As a full  time studio artist she was an award-winning ceramicist winning numerous awards in some of
the most prestigious shows. She returned to her first love painting. wining several First in painting and best in Show awards. Suz was also featured in several national magazines as well as one woman and small group shows. In addition her work is in several private and corporate collections.

William Cummins - Bill Cummins has been interested in art since he was 10 years old. At this young age, he wanted to be a comic strip artist and cartoonist. Bill spent his last tow years of high school at the High School of Industrial Art, where he graduated at the head of his class. After serving three years in the Army due to drafts in 1948, Bill discovered his passion and ambition had morphed to fine art. During his military service, his eyes were opened to the work of Rembrandt, Matisse, Van Gogh and impressionists. He spent the next several years learning and understanding these renowned fine artists and eventually began teaching himself with frequent visits to museums like Guggenheim and MOMA. Bill has exhibited throughout New York City, and throughout our area since arriving in Colorado Springs. He is in the permanent collection at The Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center.