Carol Mordecai Myers

Carol Mordecai Myers is a painter who lives and works in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Originally from New England she received her MFA from the Art Institute of Boston at Lesley University. She has taught painting, drawing, color theory and design at the college level.

Her work has been exhibited in many locations including the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs, Pikes Peak Community College, The Art Institute of New Hampshire, The Art Institute of Pittsburg and Lesley University.

She begins from observation of, and immersion in, the natural world. She works in layers, building up and then scraping, scratching, sanding and washing back to reveal glimpses of previous layers.

Similar to the way the natural process of erosion exposes underlying layers of earth, or to the way archeology exposes previous layers of human habitation, this "erosion" of the medium brings a sense of discovery to my creative process; there emerges a dialogue between intention and happenstance.

From those strata, Myers builds a geometry of light and texture which, juxtaposed with natural elements is meant to evoke a sense of human interaction with the land.