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Abigail and Gundega (Abby and Gundi) have been close friends and colleagues for the past six years. Their professional journeys have surprisingly followed similar paths as curators, art enthusiasts, gallery owners, and mothers to seven-year-old children.

Now, they have joined forces in an exciting new venture, Curate Your Space, aimed at assisting you in curating and designing YOUR ideal space. Whether you need help reorganizing your existing art collection, installing a new one, sourcing a specific piece for a particular spot, or embellishing the walls of your recently renovated office space, Abby and Gundi are here to guide you toward creating the
perfect environment for you.

They possess the ability to infuse your space with your unique vibe, bringing your personality to life. Art is an incredible medium for self-expression and representation of your interests. The right artwork has the power to not only energize your space but also tell your story. The experts at Curate Your Space can

In essence, they bring the gallery experience into your home. They attentively listen to your needs and assist you in finding artwork that aligns with your style, budget, and timeline. They can help you discover new pieces while seamlessly incorporating your existing art collection, ensuring a well-curated space.
Abby and Gundi will expertly curate, hang, and create the desired aesthetic you envision. Whether it's filling the walls of your home or workplace, let these esteemed local curators guide you in finding the perfect way to Curate Your Space.

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